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What is Transaction Processing System?

A Transaction Processing System TPS is a type of information system that helps businesses manage their transactions. A TPS collects, stores, modify and retrieve transactions of an organization. Every businesses has to deal with transactions in some form or other, how they manage these transactions can be critical to the success of the business itself. Transaction Processing Systems are particularly useful for growing businesses to help manage their growing number of transactions.

Most of the Transaction Processing Systems contain one or more of the following attributes:

High Volume Rapid Processing - Transaction Processing System

In most of the transaction processing, the primary factor is speed. The instanteneous processing of transaction is critical to the success of certain industry such as banking. Transaction Processing Systems are designed to process transactions in an instant to make sure that the transaction data is available to other users or processes that require it. Fourier Lab's speciality is the capability to do high volume rapid proccessing transaction systems.

Reliability - Transaction Processing System

A TPS system is designed to be robust and reliable. The system is able to process transactions very quickly yet at the same time conduct several checks to ensure that the data integrity is preserved. Fourier Lab is capable of building a system that has availablilty - a design approach that ensures a prearranged level of operation performance.

Standardisation - Transaction Processing System

Transactions are processed in the same format every time to ensure that full efficiency is achieved. The TPS Interfaces are designed to acquire indentical data for each transaction, regardless of the source.

Access Control - Transaction Processing System

Most Transaction Processing Systems comes with access control to restrict users to only those allowed to do so. Access Control ensures that people who are not authorised to use the system are not allowed to affect or modify the transaction process.

Property Management System Modules

TPS Modules

Transaction Processing System contains an integrated suite of products consisting of following:

  • Document Management System
  • Event Management
  • Task and Support Management
  • Workflow Automation System

Case Study
Fourier Lab is contracted to build the entire portal and the back office from scratch. The Government Portal is link to a comprehensive back office which automates the task of the CEA department in HDB.


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