System Uptime Monitoring

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What is System Uptime Monitoring?

The term "system uptime" refers to the duration where a computer system has been functional. In network terms, it is defined by the availability of a site or server to its users. Uptime is usually measured in percentages against time.

System Uptime Monitoring is a service provided by Fourier Lab that continuously check the target system periodically to ensure that the system is functional. Our Uptime monitoring service controls and monitors the availability of each single device and alerts our client when a system fails - usually through email or SMS.

Why is System Uptime Monitoring Important?

For high availiability systems, it is crucial to the business that the systems are functioning when they are supposed to. In the event that a system is down, it is critical that the administrator is alerted to the system outage as soon as possible so that the system can be restarted or repaired as soon as possible to minimise potential losses.

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