Software Development Process

Development Process

Fourier Lab moves ahead from traditional development processes by using a series of industrial standard automated development frameworks and tools to improve the speed, quality and accuracy of the development process.

Fourier Lab Software Development Process

Source Versioning

Fourier Lab uses a source versioning tool to automatically version the source code whenever it is updated. This automated cataloging of the source codes helps speed up the development process as well as allowing rollback to all possible instances of code change in the version history.

Automated Unit Testing

With automated unit testing, Fourier Lab is able to find problems early in the development cycle. It is common understanding in software development that the earlier problems are found, the easier and quicker it is to fix them. An automated unit test suite is able to find problems effectively as early as possible even before the developer checks the code into source control. This enables Fourier Lab to speed up the development process while reducing the possibility of bugs in the final stages of the development process.

Auto Build Release

In Fourier Lab, whenever there is a change detected in any of the code, a new build of the software is automatically created. This automated build process increases the productivity for the developers as well as making it easier for users to obtain a new build.

Notification of Failure

In the result of an unsuccessful build, a notification of failure will be sent immediately to the concerned developeres involved. This allows the developers to resolve the error as soon as possible before it is embedded in newer layers of codes.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration is the continuous processes of applying quality control to a project by creating a build automatically whenever a developer updates part of the code. With Continuous integration, Fourier Lab is able to improve the quality of the development process while reducing the time taken to deliver it at the same time. This is much superior approach compared to the traditional practice of applying quality control after completing all development.

Advanced Bug Reporting

Fourier Lab uses advanced bug reporting tool to provide issue tracking and project tracking between our clients and developers to improve code quality and the speed of development. If bug is discovered, our clients can create a bug report ticket in seconds from their browser, email, IDE or smartphone client anywhere in the world and our developer will be able to receive the details immediately.

Property Management System Modules

Why Fourier Lab?

Fourier Lab follows a project development methodology which ensures quick, accurate projects and better collaboration with our clients. Choosing Fourier Lab as your partner gives you the following advantages:

  • Proven Project Development Methodology
  • Continuous Integration
  • Faster Project Life Cycle
  • Proper Project Documentation
  • Industrial Build Process
  • Standardised Build Practices
  • Superior Testing Practices
  • Lower Development Costs passed on to our clients
  • Lower Maintenance Costs passed on to our clients
  • Higher Code Quality
  • Fewer Bugs

Case Study

place2lease uses Fourier Lab's Customised Property Management System to manage HDB's property inventory and bids management.


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