Project Life Cycle

In Fourier Lab we understand that for any software development projects to be successful it involves a proper understanding between you and our team. We have created a Project Development Methodology through which we can achieve quick and accurate results while at the same time ensure that communication is always proper between our teams.

Requirement Gathering / Fact Finding

The first task at hand is for our business analyst to meet up with you and the stakeholders to help identify business problems. Our business analyst will be asking a lot of questions related to the existing system or process, your business objectives and goals.

Business Requirements Documentation

After the initial requirement gathering phase, Fourier Lab Team will produce a Business Requirements Document (BRD), which is a high-level business review documentation. The business requirements document details Fourier Lab's understanding of your existing business process as well as providing the solution which includes documenting your requirements and expectations. If there are any initiation to modify existing process, a new BRD will be created to conform to the changes.

This Business Requirements Documentation is important because the final version will be used as the foundation for all subsequent project deliverables.

The main objectives of the Business Requirements Document are:

  • To reach a proper understanding between the Fourier Lab team and our client's stakeholders
  • To describe the solution in high level business process, and how it will meet the your business requirements and needs.
  • To be used as a foundation to provide input into the next phrase for this project.

System Requirement Documentation

With the Business Requirements Document finalised, Fourier Lab Team will begin with the creation of System Requirement Specification (SRS). This documentation details the technical specification of the system that is proposed in the business solution during the earlier business requirment documentation phase.

Functional Specification Documentation

The Functional Specification Document (FSD) further breaks down both the business and system specifications into functions, behaviours and procedures. The documentation typically describes what is needed by the system user as well as the inputs and outputs of the system as requested. One of the main purpose of the functional specification document is to achieve some form of team consensus on what the software is to achieve before proceeding to the more time-consuming effort of writing source code and test cases. Typically, such consensus is reached after one or more reviews by the client's stakeholders on the project.

Actual Development Commence

With the Functional Specification Document in place, our in-house developers will start the development adhering to the details in the FSD. This usually takes weeks to months depending on the scale of the project. Fourier Lab development team uses the latest development tools to further improve the speed and quality of your project development. Find out why Fourier Lab's development process is better.

System Integration Test

If the project involves software integration with existing software systems, there will be an internal System Integration Test (SIT) performed. The purpose of this SIT is to test whether the existing systems and the newly developed system can communicate and exchange data with each other. This phase is a pre-requisite for any testings requiring cross-system data transfers.

User Acceptance Test

The user acceptance test (UAT) by our client users commences after internal testing and system integration testing have been completed by our Fourier Lab developers. During the UAT phase, users who will be using the new system will be testing all the functions to ensure that there are no bugs and the outputs produced by the system are accurate.


The system goes live when user acceptance test has been complete and our client is satisfied with the system's performance.

User Guide / User Training

If required, a user guide as well as user training will be provided for our client.

Property Management System Modules

Why Fourier Lab?

Fourier Lab follows a project development methodology which ensures quick, accurate projects and better collaboration with our clients. Choosing Fourier Lab as your partner gives you the following advantages:

  • Proven Project Development Methodology
  • Continuous Integration
  • Faster Project Life Cycle
  • Proper Project Documentation
  • Industrial Build Process
  • Standardised Build Practices
  • Superior Testing Practices
  • Lower Development Costs passed on to our clients
  • Lower Maintenance Costs passed on to our clients
  • Higher Code Quality
  • Fewer Bugs

Case Study

place2lease uses Fourier Lab's Customised Property Management System to manage HDB's property inventory and bids management.


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