Place2lease Development Case Study


Client Background

The Industrial Properties Department (IPD) of Housing and Development Board (HDB) was first formed on 1st July 1991 with the main focus of managing HDB's industrial premises. The department's workscope has since been expanded to include the building of new industrial developments and ancillary facilities.

Acknowledging the increase importance of IT technology to businesses and government alike, the department embarked on an exciting journey into the internet universe with the launch of the E-Bidding Internet Website on 8 Nov 00 and the Hub for Business Internet Portal on 6 Jul 01.

First set up on 6 Jul 2001, the website aims to become the hub of B2B and B2C activities for HDB industrialists, thereby facilitating businesses among them and their customers. To-date, some of the pro business services available to HDB tenants include Business Directory Listings, Product Listings, Business Opportunities, trade hubs and more. These pro-business services have also now been made available to fee-paying affiliate members.

Project Background and Requirements

To provide an online internet bidding system for the posting, bidding and allocation of properties. The public (i.e. internet) facing functionalities of the system shall be accessible to the public via both the main website and the mobile microsite (for mobile devices). The system should also have a backend (i.e. intranet) administrative site for staff to manage, prepare, post and allocate properties.

The system shall be able to cater for properties from different organizations which may have different system configurations and display requirements. There should be a main homepage reflecting all the organizations' properties. Each organization shall also have its own sub-homepage.

The system shall allow for the creation/edit/ removal of properties for the different organizations. Each organization may also have different property types within with different attributes. The system shall provide for some means of identifying the properties under different organizations.

Fourier Lab Deliverables

  • High Level Architecture
    • Data Access
    • Bidding Engine
    • External Interface
    • Security
    • Scalability
  • High Level Data Access Strategy
  • High Level Bidding Engine Architecture
  • High Level External Interface Architecture
  • High Level Security Architecture
  • High Level Scalability Consideration
  • Mobile P2L Supports
Property Management System Modules

Place2lease Modules

Fourier Lab has developed Place2lease System to include an exhaustive list of modules:

  • Property Management
  • Preparation Business Management
  • Posting (including Corrigendum and Withhold)
  • Evaluation,  Allocation and Forfeiture
  • Registration Management
  • Bidding Management
  • Property Search Engine
  • Property Search Results
  • Client Services Centre
  • Property Assignment and Subletting
  • Interactive Map Interface
  • Bidder Enquiry
  • Unit Enquiry
  • Bidder Enquiry
  • Business Administration
  • Web Administration
  • Host Administration
  • System Administration
  • Access Administration


"Fourier Lab has been meticulous from project start to finish. The day the system was launched, everything went without a hitch."

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