HBiz Development Case Study


Client Background

The HBiz acronym stands for Hub for Business.

First set up on 6 Jul 2001, the website aims to become the hub of B2B and B2C activities for HDB industrialists, thereby facilitating businesses among them and their customers. To-date, some of the pro business services available to HDB tenants include Business Directory Listings, Product Listings, Business Opportunities, trade hubs and more. These pro-business services have also now been made available to fee-paying affiliate members.

HBiz also aims to become a portal to a host of IPD's services for HDB's tenants. Some of the eservices provided to date include customer-related information, online tenancy applications, tax invoice as well as rental status checking.

Today, IPD manages about 12,000 industrial tenanted properties as well as about 600 industrial lease land premises.

Project Background and Requirements

The proposal is recommended with much consideration to provide HDB with Government-to-Business (G2B), Business-to-Business (B2B) portal for HDB’s industrial tenants and lessees to interact with each other and their customers.

Requirement Overview

To provide an online customer service portal for industrial tenants and lessees to:

  • Interact with each other as well as with their customers via the suite of B2B business directory services.
  • Find information pertaining to IPD’s services
  • Submit online applications, receive acknowledgement as well as notifications
  • To provide a set

The professional service to be rendered by Fourier Lab will cover the following:

  • To provide the project steering responsibilities, to design, develop and implement of the proposed software solution.
  • To provide installation of completed software application.
  • To provide training to staff on the use of software application.

The proposed application will incorporate a set of functional modules which allows HDB to effectively manage the G2B and B2B activities.

Fourier Lab Deliverables

Deliverables will include:

  • IPD Internet portal that provides the following modules:
    • Staff Access Management
    • Member Access Management
    • Content Management
    • Business Change
    • Subletting
    • Electrical Submission
    • Tenancy Renewal
    • Tenancy Assignment
    • Tenancy Termination
    • Lease Assignment
    • Lease Mortgage
    • Statement of Account
    • My Tenancy/Lease Info
    • My Transactions
    • My New Place
    • Business Directory
    • Products
    • Classifieds Security Management
    • Reports Management
    • Data Retention and Housekeeping Management
    • Migration/System Cutover
Property Management System Modules

HBiz Modules

Fourier Lab has developed HBiz System to include an exhaustive list of modules:

  • Web content Management system
  • Access Control Management
  • Member Access Management
  • Content Management System
  • Business Directory
  • Products Management
  • Classifieds Security Management
  • Reports Management
  • Data Retention and Housekeeping Management


"Fourier Lab has been meticulous from project start to finish. The day the system was launched, everything went without a hitch."

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