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What is Document Management System?

A Document Management System DMS keeps track of and stores electronic documents and images of paper documents. More and more businesses are turning to DMS software in order to streamline their business and organize their information, correspondence, records and documentation.

DMS in business

A DMS can organize a business and eliminate frustrating paper chaos. There are several features to most DMS software that help individuals and business organizations to keep track of their documents.

Metadata is used by most systems and includes date the document was stored and denotes the user that stores it. It detects probably keywords within the document so that you can search for it. For example, if I have a recipe titled "broccoli rice recipe" I could find it by typing the words broccoli or rice in the DMS's search feature. But if I tried to look it up using more general words such as "bake" or "casserole" I may not find it or get so many documents returned that it would be difficult to decide which one is the one I wanted. For that reason, it is important to title documents descriptively.

DMS Modules

Most DMS software has an integration module. It will try to integrate the document into other applications so that you can get existing documents right from the DMS storage bank. Then you can make changes then save the changed document. It goes back to storage as a new version without leaving the application. This is common in office suites, in e-mail programs and in groupware software.

The Capture component gives the DMS the ability to save images from scanners. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is used so that it can convert the images into readable text. Many also have Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) so that it can save documents that have check boxes or bubbles. Many businesses need the capture feature to store invoices, credit applications and other forms that may contain images other than plain text.

DMS Features

The Indexing feature allows the DMS to keep track of documents, classifying them by using the metadata or word indexes that are made from the document's contents. Indexing makes it easier to retrieve documents quickly and easily with a minimum of effort.

The Storage module of DMS software decides or gives you the option where to store the docs. It often has a default location where the document will go if you do not specify a certain folder or drive.

Most DMS software also has Security features, something that is very important for businesses. Some DMS have a rights management module that the administrator or head of IT can set to give access only to certain people or groups.

Benefits of DMS

There are a lot of advantages to having DMS software. Old files and documents don't have to be stored in back rooms or warehouses once you scan them and add them to storage. You can print them out at any time should someone need a paper copy. Some businesses used to have an entire room or two to hold the files of transactions, inventory and other documents. With DMS software they can use those rooms for other, more profitable purposes. There is no time spent organizing and filing since the DMS does that for you. And rather than pawing through file drawers all you have to do is type in a keyword to locate the document you are looking for.

DMS software has truly revolutionized filing and storage for both businesses and individuals.

Property Management System Modules

DMS Modules

Document Management System contains an integrated suite of products consisting of following:

  • Access Control
  • Version Control
  • Meta Search
  • Document Tracking
  • Categorisation

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Fourier Lab is contracted to build the entire portal and the back office from scratch. The Government Portal is link to a comprehensive back office which automates the task of the CEA department in HDB.


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