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What is Customer Relationship Management?

Customer relationship management CRM software allows companies, big and small, to nurture the clients they already have and to attract new ones. It is important, particularly in bad economic times, to retain customers and encourage their loyalty while adding new clients.

Before computers began to be used every day, sales staffs had to do everything regarding customer relationships with paper, pen, typewriters and telephones. Customer relationship management improves on these methods in several ways and practically eliminates human error. For instance, most of us with last names of more than one syllable have received phone calls from people who can't pronounce our last names, even the simplest ones. Customer relationship software can be customized, right down to noting how a name is pronounced. It personalizes the experience for the customer and emphasizes how much the business values their loyalty.

Benefits of using CRM System

There are many advantages to using CRMS (customer relationship management software), not the least of which is the time saving aspect. In the past, a sales person had to make a file on a client that listed all their details of meetings, phone contacts, client preferences, items or services bought and a myriad of other information. Files were often lost or misplaced, something that cannot happen with CRMS—a person merely has to conduct a search if they file a client document in the wrong place! All activity between the sales staff or management and the client can be easily recorded with a few keystrokes.

Maintaining appropriate contact with clients is another matter that CRMS can manage more efficiently than humans. Many people have experienced the irritation of getting duplicate calls from a company that they do business with; it's not only time consuming for the client but usually makes them think that they are just a number and no one at the company cares enough about them to really pay attention to contact history. Since CRMS keeps a record of all contacts it is nearly impossible to duplicate calls, emails and letters to the client. It also makes it possible to schedule contacts at regular intervals. And, because it can be customized, the staff can also designate the time of day the call is made according to the client's preferences.

Marketing with CRM Software

Another way CRMS can help concerns marketing campaigns. Every business needs to attract new clientele and whether it's through email, direct mail, social networking or by telephone CRMS can organize and manage every step. Mass mailings no longer take hours to organize and put together; simply choose the clients or leads that you want to target with the email and check the appropriate option. Your bulk emails will reach the recipients almost instantly and you will have spent just a few minutes doing it.

CRM Scheduling

CRMS also helps manage time. For instance, Mary has contacted Mr. Smith and is setting up an appointment for a presentation. Mr. Smith says that he can meet Monday at 4PM. Normally, Mary would have to look in an appointment book and hope she didn't neglect to note down a 4PM contact. With CRMS, she can enter the time and see if there is a conflict in her schedule, which will pop up in a warning message. Once she enters the appointment, the software will not allow her to double-book her time, eliminating re-scheduling and inconvenience to the client.

CRM Business Integration

CRMS can even interface with a business's communications system and handle phone calls to prospective or repeat clients. It can deliver an automated message or simply dial the client while the sales staff personally speaks with them.

CRM Lead Management

This type of software takes a lot of the guesswork out of dealing with the sales staff, too. When a lead is discovered, CRMS can be programmed to assign it to the appropriate person that travels in that particular territory. There will be no more guesswork or conflicts about whose territory that lead is actually in.

CRM Reporting

One of the most useful features of the right CRMS is the ability to track a company's progress. With most, there is a large selection of reports that the software will generate in the form of statistics, pie charts or graphs. A business can see sales figures, performance statistics, product distribution and nearly any other kind of information encompassing any time frame.

It's important to choose the right type of CRMS for your business. According to a study done in 2003, about $1 billion worth of CRM software was purchased but remained unused. Make sure your software is easy to use and user friendly. Train your sales staff; it will change the way they work and they need all the help they can get. People generally resist change, especially when they have settled into a comfortable routine. Establish a help desk for support, at least in the early stages, and be sure that you lead by example by using it yourself!

Property Management System Modules

CRM Modules

Customer Relationship Management contains an integrated suite of products consisting of following:

  • Lead Management
  • Prospect Management
  • Customer Management
  • Sales Process Workflow Automation
  • Sales Territory Management
  • Document Management System
  • Support Case Management
  • Event Schedule Management
  • Inventory/Asset Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Lead Management

Case Study

place2lease uses Fourier Lab's Customised Property Management System to manage HDB's property inventory and bids management.


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